Decorate your table with earthy shades – for a welcoming, warm, and peaceful atmosphere

Decorate your table with earthy shades – for a welcoming, warm, and peaceful atmosphere

Mother Earth spreads a special feeling towards autumn. Every part of nature gossips about a new pace approaching: A time dedicated for recovery, peace, and evenings at home. And what better way to welcome autumn than to decorate your home with earthy tones like brown or umbra?

The color brown is often associated with safety and dependability, feelings you may be in greater need of during darker times of year. From that perspective, there is no wonder that the shade brown continues to be so popular annually. If you are craving that warm and welcoming feeling that brown brings, we have gathered three simple yet effective ways to prepare your home for fall.

Decorate your table with the earthy tableware
One of the simplest ways to reflect the outdoor season in your home is to start in the kitchen. At PotteryJo, we have multiple alternatives in the color umbra, including everything from cups to soup plates. This will make the heart of your home welcoming and peaceful – perfect after a long day at work. 

Psst! Speaking of soup – it is the perfect meal to eat this time of year. Use seasonal vegetables like green kale and broccoli and mix with grilled onion, potatoes, and cream (plant-based if you prefere). Add salt, pepper, and wine vinegar. Last but not least: top with yoghurt and pumpkin seeds! These ingredients are gentle towards the environment, and the colors from the vegetables creates a beautiful contrast towards the umbra plate. 

Make use of nature – as long as you can
It may be autumn soon, but for now nature still enriches us with some green branches, plants, and flowers. The combination of brown and green is marvelous, as described earlier, and will make any dinner setting look well thought out. Take the opportunity to pick something green and bring it indoors: We promise you it will add that extra touch! 

Use coffee to create a gentle umbra shade on textiles 
At PotteryJo, we love coffee. It helps us wake up, it is a perfect excuse to meet up with an old friend, and it can also color textiles! We have told you about this type of coloring before – using turmeric – but for autumn this is perhaps an even better alternative. It will make any old tablecloth, napkin, or towel autumn-ready! Just save the coffee grounds, put it in a bowl together with your textile, and add a little water and vinegar. Stir to make the color even, preferably by using a wooden spoon. Leave it overnight and voilá! You will have the perfect fabric for fall. 



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