At PotteryJo, we love when you tag us and share our tableware on social media! By sharing your table setting you can inspire others on how to set the table. Therefore, we would like to use your beautiful pictures and share them on our social media platforms. The content will be shared on PotteryJo’s Facebook and Instagram.

By answering our request with the hashtag #YesPotteryJo you agree to the following: 

You give PotteryJo (org. no. 556741-6507), full license to use all of your content approved with #YesPotteryJo for social media marketing. Also, you give PotteryJo the right to change and/or edit the content to what is considered appropriate. 

Hereby, you agree to:

  1. You own all of the rights of your content
  2. You have permission from people who may be displayed in your content to give the rights to PotteryJo
  3. PotteryJo will not infringe the rights of anyone or violate any law
  4. PotteryJo has no obligation to pay for the use of your content and the immaterial rights associated with it, as described above
  5. PotteryJo and anyone who’s acting on behalf of PotteryJo will not be held responsible for possible claims and responsibilities, regardless of nature, when using the content
  6. You will be held responsible for any possible infringements whether the content has been published and/or removed from our social media marketing 
  7. If you want to withdraw your consent to share your content with us, you need to notify us by writing
  8. By answering #YesPotteryJo you agree to have read and understood the terms above 

What does this mean for you?

Of course, we will give you full credit when using your content. Thus, the content will be displayed for all PotteryJo’s followers. Therefore, this gives you the opportunity to inspire others with your table settings and how you choose to combine PotteryJo’s products. Of course, this also gives you the possibility to gain new followers to inspire!

Contact information

If you have any questions about #YesPotteryJo, please contact us at hello@potteryjo.com.