Use white tableware to create a minimalistic look – full of freshness and luxury

Use white tableware to create a minimalistic look – full of freshness and luxury

The white shade does not hide anything, rather the opposite: it enhances everything in its vicinity and symbolizes innocence and luxury. With this in mind, it is no wonder the white shade is the most common color on plates. Do you have any white tableware at home?

White is the most common color of tableware since it is suitable for every occasion. It does not matter if you are hosting a fancy dinner party or serving lunch to your children: a white platter will always look thought-through. Despite this, many find it hard to create a thriving setting with white tableware as a foundation. In this article we guide you through the best ways of making a white table setting pop. Enjoy!

A luxurious table setting – white on white
Do you want your dinner party to look both minimalistic and luxurious? Using white tableware is the easiest way to succeed. Decorating the table with one color creates a thought-through appearance in all its simplicity – for example, our handmade DARIA dinner plate looks great together with our DARIA soup bowl on top. The white on white-theme also gives room for colorful details. Why not place a vase of flowers on our DAISY cake plate? Dare to work with different levels of height, it will add another dimension to your table. Last but not least, add some white napkins and white candles – and you are ready to host a fancy dinner. 

Tablecloths: the white tableware’s best friend 

A nice tablecloth is the cherry on top when it comes to decorating a table – especially when speaking of white pottery. In this case, the color of the tablecloth has an unique ability to influence and change the desired mood. There are multiple ways to go: if you are longing for a calm and cozy dinner, you shall choose a cloth in earthy tones – such as beige or grey. If you instead are trying to make your white plates look more alive you should use a tablecloth that creates a contrast to them – for example cherry red or forest green. Of course, you can also choose to work with multiple tablecloths at the same time. Lay them out horizontally or vertically, or why not both at the same time? When you set the table with white pottery, you have the room to be creative without the result being too messy. 

Focus on the food 

White tableware is not only fresh and luxurious – it also has the ability to give focus to the food. It is no coincidence that most restaurants use white tableware to highlight the dish: a great saffron pasta reaches its full potential best when served on a white plate. In other words, if you are cooking a colorful dish, serve it on white plates! For pastas, use our DAISY pasta bowl. Pour red wine sauce from our DAISY milk jug or serve a green salad in our DAISY large salad bowl. This will truly make your food pop!

/ LoveJo