Tulipa launch at Nationalmuseum Nov 16th

Tulipa launch at Nationalmuseum Nov 16th

We shared an amazing lunch and launch of Tulipa at Nationalmuseum Nov 16th. The table and people gathered in a beautiful spirit in a beautiful surrounding.

I wanted to share an intimate launch whilst sharing my thoughts on the dining experience and what actually happens when you sit down at a beautifully set table with people you care about. What I believe is the foundation of a healthy and joyful life. 

I also believe that we all just want to be respected, seen and heard as an individual and looking at my own kids I see this very vividly. 

There are no exceptions for us adults... 

The meal is not just getting in these nutrients that keeps us alive, no - I believe that the meal has a much more vast meaning to it then that. 

Food is energy, it is also our medicine, it is somebodies work, a farmer, a distributor - so many hands that got this produce (one single produce) to end up in our table. That is just alone an Ahhhh... and such a way to become mindful and thankful of what we eat. 

The People you sit down with, the meeting, to see - and I mean actually see one and other. And to listen to them. Can´t highlight enough how important this is. 

This is where you meet you kids, your friend, your loved ones and meet where they are at that particularly moment in their life. 

I believe that we also eat with our eyes, some more then others but yes the studies shows that we truly get positive effects on a beautiful plate with beautiful food that is not just good for our body but also our minds. 

I want to encourage you all to set your own table tonight with someone you care about. 

L O V E Jo