We are just about to launch our new beloved Tulipa collection at FORMEX, august 2023. It will hit the stores in october. Can´t wait to hear what you think about it !!

L O V E Jo


Tulipa is an homage to the birthday song my grandmother always used to sing when I was a little girl

 Med en enkel tulipan…..på din bemärkelsedag!

A flirt with all that I believe is that Swedish celebration, the tulipa flower, the way it represents JOY in everyday life, generations and families coming together. Such a strong shape when I started to play around with it, with stem or without, tall, closed or open – wide or with rough edges. The same tulip has so many stages to it as you follow the bloom from the first sign of the elegant green to an almost rose-like flower just before the petals falls of.


I have been wanting to make a full collection for some time and I think that the timing couldn´t be better. A playful scallop edge, a strong material to handle most usage, the most beautiful glazes and it is produced by our new factory in Portugal.


Let´s Celebrate