Set the table with nature’s favorite color: thriving green

Set the table with nature’s favorite color: thriving green

Lush gardens, freshly picked vegetables, and grass swaying in the wind – the color green is strongly connected to nature and relaxed summer days. For centuries, the shade has also provided a feeling of hope, since it is associated with changing seasons and aspiring tree buds. At PotteryJo, we love that this historically rich color has made a comeback, and that it is one of the trendiest shades of summer 2021. Therefore, we have gathered three of our best decoration tips, using nature's favorite shade: green.

Set the table with nature
At PotteryJo, we love to decorate the table with nature itself. Usually, we prefer fresh flowers – but when focusing on the color green, it is simpler than that. In this case, all you need to do is pick branches, leaves, or different types of grass to sprinkle on the table. It will create an earthy, yet thought-through look. Why not match the leaves with our DAISY collection in the shade forest or faded army? For a more contrasty result, use a linen tablecloth in a beige color. The combination of green and beige is truly a win-win!

Same green, different occasions
Even though the color speaks for itself, it works perfectly to combine with other shades. By adapting the setting to your specific occasion, you can use the same green decorations for a cozy dinner, a children’s party, or a brunch with the family. Down below we guide you from playful to sophisticated color combinations!

  • Playful children’s party: when hosting a children’s party, the key is to keep it simple. Use branches from your garden, or cut a few from your indoor pots. Combine the branches with bright pink napkins, or place them on pink dessert plates, for example DAISY in the shade rose. This gives the table a poppy and playful look, since green and pink are complementary colors. Psst! If the children are old enough, why not let them cut the decorations themselves?

  • Sophisticated brunch: when going for the sophisticated look, green and light blue is a great combination. The blue shade gives the table setting a luxurious feeling, and the green color of the branches offers a sense of fresh welcoming. Use light blue tableware, such as DAISY in the shade dusty blue. Of course, you can also use blue napkins, table cloths, or candles. And if you are looking for an extra touch: add something silver! This will take the setting to new heights.
  • Cozy dinner: when setting the table for a cozy dinner, more is more. The table should overflow with branches, preferably in vases of different colors and heights. For example, at PotteryJo, we love to use our DAISY jug as a statement vase! If you have the time and opportunity, you can also think outside the box, or in this case: above the dinner table. Tie a garland of branches and let this create a cozy and botanic touch. For a wow-factor beyond the ordinary: add an electric light loop.

Dare to picnic
The last tip may sound obvious: but the easiest way to pull off a green setting is to organize a picnic. What is better than to enjoy the color where it is the most beautiful: in nature itself? It does not have to be messy or inconvenient: use your garden or your nearest lawn, and pack a bag with delicious food and durable tableware. For example, use products from our DAISY collection – or cook the food directly in our DARIA ovenroaster and simply bring it outside.

Have a lovely summer! / LoveJo



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