Q/A – your three most frequently asked questions about table setting

Q/A – your three most frequently asked questions about table setting

At PotteryJo we love to interact with people. For us, creating a nice eating experience is so much more than about a plate. Setting a table is about connecting with other people and about finding an opportunity to enjoy time together with your loved ones. We love to listen to what our customers are saying, and therefore we have gathered three of your most frequently asked questions and given them our best answers. Enjoy!

Are there any beginner tips for setting a table?
As we love eating, setting the table should come from a relaxed outlook on the joyful moment we want to create. We think that a great setting comes from using things you love – collect them and it will turn out great! Always start with asking what feeling you want to create, what you are planning to serve and how much time it will require from you. Create a physical moodboard and play with the plates, colours, soft textiles and flowers!

What tones go together?
We love colours, and have created all of our glazes from the idea that they would all go together with one another. Although colour is very individual, here are my favourite combinations at the moment:

1. Classic White DARIA together with a dark wooden table and forest green details

2. The yellow Sienna DAISY on a crispy linen cloth, silver cutlery details and sheer flowers

3. DARIA in Soft grey together with DAISY in Faded army, ruff hemp cloth and black candles

I love setting the table, but I find it hard to create new and interesting ways of doing so. What should I keep in mind?
First of all, we are delighted to hear that you love to set the table! So do we. If you find yourself stuck in the same patterns, we have some great tips to keep in mind. 

Buy a nice tablecloth in a color you have never tried before
We love linen cloths in natural colors. However, a fun way to get your setting a new look is to buy a tablecloth in a poppy color – for example light pink, yellow or blue. By doing this, you create a new canvas for your tableware. 

Put fresh flowers in something that is not a vase
Put flowers in a jug or flower crowns in small bowls filled with water. Place these arrangements on the table (or directly on the plates!). This will add wow-factor and hopefully inspire you to dare more when it comes to setting a table. 

Choose a theme 
Deciding a theme beforehand is a great way to find new inspiration to your setting. If there is going to be a dinner party, why not choose a theme for the whole night? It could be a french theme, a garden party, something seasonal or a theme from a movie. With your theme in mind it may be easier to find new ways to set the table. And remember, use personal things from your household! 

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