Q&A – PotteryJo guides you through DAISY and DARIA color combinations for three different interior styles

Q&A – PotteryJo guides you through DAISY and DARIA color combinations for three different interior styles

“I’m about to buy DAISY tableware from PotteryJo – but which colors go well together?”
This is one of the most common questions we get from our customers. There is no right or wrong answer, everything is completely up to your personal preferences and style. Here is some inspiration for your upcoming dinners – enjoy!

For the earthy ones
Is your home well balanced, warm, and unified? These combinations will create a mild expression that fit extra well in an earthy home. 

Cement and forest
Cement is a subtle and neutral color. By adding a colorful and cheerful shade, for example a green one, you bring the table setting to life in a very natural way. The result is easy on the eyes, yet bold enough to be remembered. We recommend our DAISY collection – try DAISY cement dinnerplate together with a DAISY forest dessertplate for a sophisticated look! Of course, you can also do the other way around. 

Soft grey and greige
Our DARIA soft grey dinnerplate also goes very well together with our DAISY greige dessertplate. This creates an even more neutral combination than the one above. It is also a perfect solution if you like to add earthy details to fulfill the setting – such as flowers, berries, or branches. This combination of tableware will not steal the attention from the other elements, rather strengthen them. 

For the daring ones
Is your home extraordinary, bold, and colorful? These color combinations will add a feeling of life all the way to the kitchen table.

White and sienna
White may not occur as a daring color, but with the right dessertplate, it creates a poppy and bright look. For example: we love to combine our DAISY white dinnerplate with our DAISY sienna dessertplate. It creates a beautiful contrast that will draw attention to the table.

Soft grey and rose 
Is there a better way to create a daring setting than to add pink? No, we do not think so either. Pink is rarely used in our homes, which makes the appearance of it memorable. Try mixing our DARIA soft grey dinnerplate with our DAISY rose dessertplate and enjoy the joyful result. For an even more playful look, add linen napkins in a contrasting color!

For the minimalist ones 
Do you prefer light colors, very few details, and clean surfaces? By combining the following plates you will succeed with a minimalist table setting.

All white everything
For the minimalist, combining different colors can seem overwhelming. Luckily, combining white with white creates a beautiful setting where simplicity is allowed to be in focus. Our DAISY white dinnerplate together with our DAISY white dessertplate will for sure create the perfect sophisticated look. If you want, you can add some white cut flowers for a perfect result. 

Faded army x2
In this combination, we have taken two plates in the same shade – just like the example above. However, this setting proves that you can accomplish a minimalistic look by using color. In this case we have our DAISY dinnerplate in faded army, together with our DAISY dessertplate in the same shade. 

Which combination makes your heart skip a beat?


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