PotteryJo's founder, Johanna Hampf, guides you through how she will make 2021 a flourishing year

PotteryJo's founder, Johanna Hampf, guides you through how she will make 2021 a flourishing year

How can we make this year brighter, better, and more beautiful than the one we just left behind? After the unpleasant surprises of 2020, it feels more important than ever to focus on a strong mindset and a healthy way of living. Johanna Hampf, founder of PotteryJo, guides you through her personal tips for a flourishing 2021.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that focuses on what you are feeling and sensing in this precise moment. Whatever happens in the external world, the answers are always there if you look inside yourself. In times of stress and uncertainty, Johanna tries to remind herself of this and it always works, every single time. She finds a place where she can quiet herself for a couple of minutes, it does not have to be quiet for real but you will work on making all that noise disappear for a while.

– My goal this year is to practice meditation every day, in one way or another. I believe it to be important for my creative process, for always staying true to myself, to be in alignment with the purpose of my soul, and to stay present in all interactions I have in my life. I want to see, really see, all people that I meet and listen to what they have to say, says Johanna. 

Boost your body with vitamins
Another tip to make 2021 a flourishing year is to take care of your body from inside and out. Johanna has a strong love for food and is a firm believer that great food really is the best medicine to help you become your best self.

– I try to boost my body as much as possible, for example by reassuring myself I get enough vitamins. A lot can be done simply by eating food that is good for you! With that said I do not believe in diets or strict meals. If you simply eat the rainbow as much as possible and eat whole food instead of processed food, it cannot go wrong. Enjoy good food and prepare beautiful plates that makes YOU happy. If you have a hard time remembering to prepare a side salad for dinner, try storing your salad bowl somewhere you can see it. This will create a natural reminder. Our DARIA bowl is beautiful to store on an open shelf or at your kitchen counter, explains Johanna. 

Another tip on how to boost your body with vitamins is by always having juice or smoothie in your refrigerator.

Prepare a jug with orange juice or smoothie to always have in your refrigerator. It only takes a few minutes to prepare, and you will thank yourself later. The kids love it and you can “hide” so many great ingredients that children would not choose by themselves. It feels both luxurious and healthy, and we must not forget that it is delicious!, says Johanna.

Give yourself a hug 
After all, you are your own best friend...

Last but not least, it is more important than ever with self-love. Do not be too hard on yourself if you feel a lack of inspiration or if you are tired more often than usual, acceptance makes it easier. 

In times where we cannot hug people like before, do this mentally every day as a practice in your meditation. See how it feels when you really create that mental hug – perhaps stronger than you could ever imagine. We are all in this together always, pandemic or not, we are all ONE with everything.