Get inspired to create a beautiful table setting – three go-to tips for your next dinner party!

Get inspired to create a beautiful table setting – three go-to tips for your next dinner party!

Setting a table is a creative and fun process. Furthermore, it is a great way to make use of the different seasons. Why not decorate with apples during autumn and fresh flowers during spring? By using props from nature together with suitable colors and tableware, you will create a setting that feels both up-to-date and timeless. Keywords to a successful setting is contrast, materials and joy! 

Every piece of tableware contains never-ending possibilities. By mixing plates, matching food and adding textiles you can create a huge number of combinations. And the best thing about setting your table: there are no right or wrong answers. Go with what makes you feel satisfied, happy or harmonized. If you have a hard time deciding how to set your table, we present three tips that will make the process easier and more enjoyable. 

Pick your setting based on what you are going to eat
It is great – and simple! – to pick your tableware based on what you plan to eat. For example: are you planning to eat a lukewarm salad with autumn primroses such as kale? Choose our white Daisy collection and let the colorful salad speak for itself. Use a wooden table if possible and add plants or herbs from your garden. Green food or plants together with white Daisy tableware creates a great contrast!

Of course, you can also set the table with a monochromatic mindset: food, flowers and tableware should then all be the same shade. This creates a discreet but well-thought-out table setting. 

Work with contrasts 
As previously mentioned, contrast is key. Using contrasting colors creates an exciting look! The method can be used in various ways – you can use colorful tableware together with more damp ones, for example our Sienna Daisy plate with our Forest Daisy bowl. You can also use one shade of tableware and match it with flowers in a contrasting color. 

Use multiple materials 
By using tablecloths, napkins and other complementary materials together with your tableware, you create a sophisticated yet fun look. We recommend using a linen cloth in beige or white to begin with – it will go perfectly with every occasion! And if you dare, buy one in a bright color. This will make the table pop! You can also add candlesticks in cast iron or vases in thin glass. It creates multiple dimensions which will make the table look both homely and professional. 

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