Food creator Louise Bondebjer: “It is a luxury to cook and decorate with seasonal ingredients”

Food creator Louise Bondebjer: “It is a luxury to cook and decorate with seasonal ingredients”

Louise Bondebjer is the food creator that cannot be described as anything else than an enthusiast. Her fascination for food has been strongly present since she was a child and has resulted in a thriving career. 
– When I cook, it does not have to be the finest or most expensive food. The most important thing for me is the feeling of togetherness when sitting around the table, explains Louise. 

Louise Bondebjer has an impressive resume, and yet it is still growing. To summarize: so far she has traveled the world in order to get inspiration from different food cultures, she has worked with import of wine, and today she produces recipes and tempting content for both her own social media and food companies. And just recently, she released her second cookbook. 

Born in southern Sweden, Louise grew up in a family who valued gathering friends around the dinner table. The way her family cooked based on seasonal ingredients inspired her to one day do the same. And she sure did. The beauty of dinner parties, cooking, and care for ingredients stuck with Louise as she got older, and she turned her passion into her career. 

– It can take me two days to prepare a specific dinner. I choose my ingredients with care and believe that it is okay for a dish to take time. It is one of my biggest passions, but not always possible with family and everyday life. However, I am also very fond of simplicity. I find that the most loveable dinners are the ones when I gather friends and family over a meal that may seem simple – but is made with a lot of love. Say a carrot soup, with freshly baked bread, and carefully chosen toppings, says Louise. 

So, what is your biggest driving force when cooking? 
– For me, it is a luxury to work with seasonal ingredients as much as possible. To cook and decorate with what grows outside in my garden is special to me. Beyond that, I am very passionate about arousing a desire for food among people. I am a firm believer that you should feel joy for what you are eating, says Louise. 

One way Louise spreads her joy for food is by organizing cooking classes for children. The classes have different themes and are designed to inspire the younger generation within flavors and ingredients. The children get to feel, smell, and taste – a simple way of letting them create their own perception towards food.

– The classes are made for the children, but they also inspire their parents to think new. If you make food fun, it is more likely that you will feel excited to try out new things, says Louise. 

How are your values reflected in your work? 
– I see myself as rather traditional. For example, my latest book “Swedish Kitchen Stories” will always be accurate, since it is based on our seasons and holidays. That reflects how I try to work in general. The recipes are not complicated, yet they still arouse all senses. And of course, I mix old with new, which never gets old! says Louise. 

How do you create an inspiring setting?
– I strive to create a good feeling in everything I do, including setting the table. I like to keep it clean but pretty, for example by using flowers or fresh vegetables to decorate with. But also, to achieve a warm and homely impression with a lot of fabric, either a beautiful patterned cloth or a crisp plain linen cloth in a light color. That in combination with charming conversation pieces like small vases, candle holders, and playful decorations. But the most important thing when setting a table is doing it with love. I think a nice dinner experience creates itself if you like what you are doing, concludes Louise.