A bouquet of spring – three pieces of advice for a refreshing table setting!

A bouquet of spring – three pieces of advice for a refreshing table setting!

At PotteryJo, we love to embrace the different seasons. When entering a new year, it is hard not to long for spring and warmer weather. Therefore, we would like to share our best advices for a springlike setting to your table!

Refreshing, crisp, and flourishing. When spring awaits, many of us look forward to renewing our homes and surroundings. When nature comes to life again, so does our inspiration. When we spend more time in our homes, the importance of a more inspiring home environment increases. To renew your setting does not have to take a lot of time, nor demand a lot of money. Use what you have at home and add a twist that makes your table setting pop like never before. We are here to guide you through it!

A bouquet of spring 
We have mentioned this before, but it can never be repeated enough: the simplest way of adding life to your table setting is by using fresh flowers. Buy a bouquet of flowers at your nearest florist, order flowers to your door, or pick fresh ones in your garden if it allows. At PotteryJo, we love carnations – they come in multiple colors and will add the sheer spring feeling you are looking for. You can put the flowers in a jug, for example our DAISY one, or why not just spread the flower petals all over the table? Creativity knows no limits!

Mix black and white with colorful details 
Spring does not mean everything should look delicate and transparent. Quite the opposite! Spring is the season of renewal and growth, and to celebrate that we love to mix tougher tableware with springlike details. This will create a powerful look. For example, our DARIA Stoneware collection in ink black is beautiful to mix with a light blue table cloth or a colorful dish, such as a green salad with polka beet and goat cheese. 

Of course, you can also do the other way around: use a darker tablecloth and mix it with colorful tableware! For this we recommend our DAISY Dinnerplate in turquoise or our DAISY Soup Bowl in rose together with a dark grey cloth.

Make napkins out of an old tablecloth 
Speaking of tablecloths: do you have an old one at home with a stain that just will not come off? Do not worry – we will help you find a way of using it. At PotteryJo, we absolutely love cloth napkins. They add softness to a setting, and can also be washed and reused. Take a scissor and cut out squares in optional sizes from your old cloth. If you want, you can sew the edges so that the fabric does not fringe. Otherwise, it is rather pretty when the napkins have a home made look!




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