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Peartree in the kitchen

I found a peartree in the Stockroom from a photoshoot we made earlier this year. I couldn´t throw it away, I think it is so nice in  it´s shape and colour, a little bit of Alice in Wonderland that I placed in our kitchen until it is time to switch to the tree de Noel.

In the background you see the element walls I made with letter as drilled holes. Very easy DIY! It was also mentioned in the ”at home” story featured in Hus & Hem Magazine. You can see all this at Photographer Lina Östling´s BLOG

Lina makes all PotteryJo  storyimages as well as the productpictures, she is very talented and fun to work with.

Preparing for Christmas baking day tomorrow as the girls 2 cousins comes over to our house for a 24h. (we switch kids ones/month) A really great idea for all families out there…. so ones/month we have 4 kids in our house for 24h – this is really fun times for them and not so hard work as you can think it is. And then ones/month we leave our two girls to them and get´s 24h of total relaxation. So much worth it !!

I am planning to BAKE these things;

Rocky Road by Leila

Saffron Buns

Gingerbread (prepared the dough yeaterday and it smelt so good)

Buche de Noel

Toffee Candy