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My name is Johanna Hampf I am 29 y old living in a fab flat in Central Stockholm together with my family, girls Aina 3, Rebecca 2, Christian and 2 poodles Lille & Finita.

I am originally a farmgirl, growing up in the North of Sweden in a tiny village. I have always been crazy about clothes, interior, fabrics, food and expressing myself in some way…

I moved to Stockholm as a 16 year old determind to study fashion/textile and be in the center where it all ”happends”. I worked in the pressfield for a danish designcompany for many years before I desided to move on to do something by my self.

I picked up the idea of making really nice dinnerwear, import and produce something els then what I saw everywhere. I love to travel and I always come home with something interesting. People say I have an eye for it. Perhaps yes, I keep my eyes open at all times, living is all about meeting people, getting new impressions and colour your life with all the things you LIKE.

I hope to inspire through this blog with love, life  and a lots of beautiful things !