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Wednesday was all about FEEL GOOD and Peptalk!

More of this in my life please…..

We were many girls and some boys listening to inspirering people who all shared their story, I love to hear how people think. What is their motivation in life, how did the accomplish what they wanted? – what happend on the way there ?

So many stories that I took to my heart and that I can use in my life.

We heard writer Denise Rudberg who beleives that it is all about the driving force

Douglas Roos CEO at 24Gruppen talked about 3 important things to be successful;

                                                                                       TAKING RISKS

                                                                                       BE FOCUSED

                                                                                       HAVE ENDURANCE

And we heard about Food Missionary Reneé Voltaire  trying to rewrite our way of eating in everyday life with her growing production of grocery with that feelgood recipe´s that are all handmade in Sweden and that will make up living a healtier life! Thank you Renée !

Åre Chocolate Factory was there and talked about how they started with no money, no help (not even their families believed in them) how they built this Swedish Brand to a turnover of 33 million. That is the way to go !

And we heard coach Per Lange and his story about when he helped the homeless in L.A and how that totally change the meaning of ”Everything is possible”, it really is !