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Archive | november, 2012

Morning Monday!

Good Morning everyone ! Woke up really tired and left one kid to kindergarden, stil one is a bit to ill to play…. Puh… so not the most efficient monday, one happy thing is that I got a delivery this morning with the new potteryJo pieces – this time with our stamp ! This is […]

Peartree in the kitchen

I found a peartree in the Stockroom from a photoshoot we made earlier this year. I couldn´t throw it away, I think it is so nice in  it´s shape and colour, a little bit of Alice in Wonderland that I placed in our kitchen until it is time to switch to the tree de Noel. […]

Oh …Olivia

Love her (Olivia Palermos) style, her great accessories that makes it look so stylish ! Inspiring this tuesday when sky is white (or gray) and you long for that day when you can walk around in a skirt like this. Love skirts, before I wore them more often – I found a lot of them […]

Coffee And Friends

Just saw this article about Dogfriendly Coffee & Friends (Dalagatan, Stockholm) that openend this fall, they serve all their fantastic homemade cakes and cookies on PotteryJo ceramics….. Visit them if you are out and about !    

Monday is A good Day !

Monday and sunshine – that is a good start of the week ! This was Tulegatan this monrning from my Bicycle, so nice ! We had a lovely weekend with a girls night out and family fun ( and some just do it things) we went to Boqueria in MOOD after seeing that really nice […]

Memories of Morocco

November and time to remember and dream about all those exotic destinations you ones visited.I want to remember fantastic and surprisingly Fresh and Vibrant Morocco that I have visited several times the past year….. My TOP things about Marrakech Love their craftmanship (so talented) The great Restaurants and Bars  (Comptoir, Tob Sil, Bo & Zin, […]

puh… sick sicker sickest

It is Wintertime that´s for shore…..  I spent the whole last week taking care of sick little angels. A nasty eye infektion and we finally got rid of it, so we thought until I woke up with one eye. So now it is my turn to be the ”sick” in our family. Hope it goes […]